Facial Spa Massage

Facial Spa Massage

Whilst relaxing your face is massaged in a claming and effective manor, Your muscles are being toned, your circulation is improving to help rid the body of toxins (like that harmful bacteria that causes acne) and more.

  • Improved Muscle Tone
  • No More Tension
  • Better Mood
  • A Natural Decongestant
  • No More Sagging
  • Glowing Skin

If you’ve ever been to a spa and looked in the mirror afterwards, you were probably wondering why your skin doesn’t look like that at home. It’s because of the Thai facial. A facial massage helps to increase circulation and promote cellular healing, getting rid of damage and giving you a youthful glow every day

Thai Facial Massage

Facial massage has the potential to replace all of the anti-aging creams in your medicine cabinet, anti-acne facial washes, Botox treatments and anti-wrinkle creams. This powerful method of massage can be done by a trained professional, or get started towards a beautiful complexion on your own today!

Pricing Points

60 Minutes Pricing



Jeri was really friendly and incredibly professional. The massage were fantastic and thanks to her years of experiance and she even managed to fix an on going back problem that I have had for years.