Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Thai Massage emphasizes stretching while the southern style focuses more on acupressure. If you weren’t flexible before, this style might actually help you achieve a broader range of motion.

This massage will relieve excess stress on the skeletal structure including the spine and provide lower back relief. The combination of gentle massage and stretches in this technique relaxes and lengthens any tight muscles. This will remove pressure from the back and allows the muscles to fall back into proper alignment, relieving the pain.

Benefits of lower back massage

Naturally, blended massage oils are used in smooth flowing massage strokes to relieve tension. Benefits include improved blood circulation, reduced stress levels, increased mobility & muscle flexibility, better circulation & lower blood pressure, detoxification, reduced stress and anxiety.

Pricing Points

60 Minutes Pricing


120 Minutes Pricing



Jeri was really friendly and incredibly professional. The massage were fantastic and thanks to her years of experiance and she even managed to fix an on going back problem that I have had for years.