About us

What we do

Welcome to Herts Thai Massage. We are situated in the heart of Stevenage in North Hertfordshire.

We are a traditional Thai massage parlour with contemporary Thai design that will transport you to a realm of tranquillity and relaxation. Treatments will be carried out in one of our ten rooms which are specifically designed to give you the truly relaxing experience you deserve.

Our calm and therapeutic atmosphere and expert techniques will leave you feeling revitalised and refreshed.

1. Why a Thai Massage

Massage of all types is often used to relieve stress and protect against stress related health issues.

It is also said to boost energy and improve range of motion flexibility. Thai massage in particular, is said to benefit or alleviate many different health problems

3. What does it do?

• Relieve tension headaches
• Reduce types of back pain (typically subacute and chronic non-specific back pain)
• Relieve muscle pain and spasticity as well as joint stiffness and pain
• Increase flexibility and range of motion
• Stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage
• Boost energy
• Calm the nervous system

2. Possible constraints

licensed massage therapist should ask you about your health history before the massage.

Thai massage may not be safe for someone with health conditions such as disc herniation, osteoporosis, recent surgery or cardiovascular disease

If you are considering trying Thai massage, it is a good idea to check with your healthcare provider before getting treatment to discuss whether it is appropriate for you.

Pregnant women should check with their doctor first and to seek a licensed massage therapist who is certified in pregnancy massage.

Massage shouldn’t not be performed over bruises, inflamed or weak skin, unhealed or open wounds, skin rashes, tumours, abdominal hernias or recent fractures.